Research Networks

CASSA is involved in local research networks alongside the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and Relational Research.


Cambridge, School Teachers and Research (CamSTAR) is a network of researching schools across six counties in the South East/Eastern region that have grown organically as researching teachers have moved and introduced new schools to the network. The schools come together to hold conferences to disseminate their research to each other, and to informally cooperate with each other to support research in their schools.


Relational Schools Project

The Relational Schools Project is an education research and consultancy group based in Cambridge. At Relational Schools, we believe that education exists for the good of all people in society, and that good educational opportunities are our gift to future generations. At the heart of our approach is the belief that good relationships are essential for outstanding education. Our main areas of focus are around building strong parent-to-schooling, teacher-to-pupil, and peer-to-peer relationships. We work towards these goals by carrying out research and through our education consultancy services.



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